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Note from author:  “Casa de Spin” in its entirety is currently in route to top New York agents and publishers.

“Casa de Spin”

The title “House of Spin” has lots of different meanings… the actual Spin class itself (the story takes place in an athletic club), the spin of the ball (some of the characters are tennis players), and the metaphoric “spin” people put on their lives.  Each of the ten baby-boomer athletes comes to Spin class, to contemplate his or her sordid life, all the while, getting a high-intensity work out.  It’s not so much about putting a new spin on what they’ve done in the past, or their hopes for their futures.  It’s more about putting a spin on their perception of their present.             

The main character is Celia.   She’s 46, a single mom of ten years, who still wears a wedding ring, because, in her mind, she’s “married” to her married lover, Marvin.  She loves the class, the music, and the instructor’s entertaining (lifecoach-esque) monologues.  She spends her mornings being “quietly sexy” in class, and spends some afternoons with her lover in the secret life she lives, in Seattle hotel rooms …  Her conflict, of course, is her love for a married man.  She has convinced herself that the arrangement suits her “just fine.”  And yet each time she enters a hotel room, she asks herself, “Why on earth does this arrangement suit me just fine?”

Read more about Celia and of the inner conflicts and fascinating lives of athletes, in “Casa de Spin.”